Hss 1 Lecture

Rapid tutal appraisal

  • learning directly from the people
  • better to imprecise, but to the point
  • we don't know everything, lets admit it and focus on certain themes
  • rapid collection, no generalization, bound to time and place
  • urban bias (not visiting the actual people)

Participatory rural appraisal

  • critical to RRA - not for local people
  • people not only sources of information, but they also control and analyze it
  • For who the data are? Who makes the conclusions? Who participates? In whose process?
  • How to approach the people? Big cars are probably not the best.
  • How to select he methods?
  • researchers
    • create relaxed atmosphere
    • transmit informations (act as intermediary)
    • prepare the learning ocassions
    • select methods and adjust them
    • observe, listen, learn
    • activate participants
    • support equality

Participatory Learning and Action PLA)

  • PRA now means Participatory reflection and action
    • the amount of information is not the most important thing
    • weaknesses: everyone thinks, he/she should use it
      • political aims, biased participation


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