Hss 2 Lecture

Peter Kuria (SHALIN Finland)

  • GIS for forest communities and resources
  • Environment as resource, or environment?
  • using waste instead of cutting trees (generating biogas using gasification)
  • management of local knowledge, so that it can be relevant today
  • community
    • some people do not think of themselves as part of community
    • different things in accademic
  • they did Participatory 3D modelling in community as blueprint for resource management
    • the community creates legend of the map and the transfer it to the model
    • models for different time (ask elders, then youngers)
    • useful for people who don't have any formal education, but have traditional knowledge
  • http://cybertracker.org/
  • there are lot of ethical issues related
  • the problem with development is that we are trying to make things complex, so it would be only for experts


Participatory mapping

  • study wealth by asking the neighbours
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